New World Library

In the Neuwelt Library, we indulge our passion for combining literature and practical knowledge and coming up with new ideas.

In a separate area, we collect books, magazines, building instructions, specialist literature and illustrated books from various fields of knowledge and make them openly available - in line with our workshop principle.

The special thing about our library is that we have the future in mind. THE NEW WORLD CAN COME!

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always during the open workshop hours

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New World at a glance

Our Neuwelt library is divided into different areas. From Culture, urban development for the common good, environment, open workshop, cooperation & society or fine arts and design you will find everything that inspires the future! You can browse and borrow books here during open workshop hours.

You can find an overview of our analog and digital world of literature here:

You can quickly find inspiration with the help of keywords!

If you would like to borrow books here, simply fill out the analog Lesebüffel index card and place it in the corresponding box. You leave a few details with us so that we can contact you if you forget to bring the book back.